2020 Leaderboard

Sixty anglers signed up for the inaugural Mad River Steelhead Derby. The Derby ran from Jan. 1st to Feb. 29th during the winter steelhead run. Anglers either signed up online at NCGASA.org or they signed up in person at RMI Outdoors or Bucksport Sporting Goods in Eureka.

The three largest measured hatchery steelhead won cash prizes as well as prizes from our sponsors and partners. There was also a youth division for 16 years old and under. The youth prize was a $150 gift card to RMI Outdoors. The leaderboard was kept throughout the Derby and the angler’s largest measured fish entered is listed below. This derby was open to all NCGASA.org members who paid a yearly membership fee. Part of the proceeds benefitted the Mad River Steelhead Stewards Volunteer Anglers for their broodstock collection program in concert with the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. Anglers were required to photograph their catch with a clearly visible measurement with a soft tape laid on top of the fish from the closed mouth to the fork of the tail.

2020 NCGASA Leaderboard: Hatchery Steelhead Fish Measurements in inches

Richard caught the winning fish.

1. Richard B. – 35.75 inches

2. Zach H. – 34.5 inches
3. Brian L. – 34.25 inches
YOUTH: Dylan J. – 28 inches

Other entries submitted:
• Chris D: 33 inches
• Jared: 32.5 inches
• Tyler V: 32 inches
• Ishan: 31.5 inches
• Ben: 31 inches
• Kirk: 30.5 inches
• Del: 29 inches
• Ruben: 29 inches
• Tyrone: 28 inches
• Doyle: 27 inches
• Ross: 26.5 inches
• Jaycob 26.5 inches
• Frank E.: 26 inches
• Mitchell: 26 inches
• Jackson: 26 inches
• Tyler C. 25 inches
• Tracy M.: 23.5 inches

Measure your hatchery steelhead from closed mouth to fork of the tail.

Please photograph your steelhead catches like this photo on the left. Please take your entry photos down at the river bar. Please, no photos of your catch at your home, backyard or tailgate or in plastic bags.

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A hatchery steelhead fishing derby on the Mad River in Blue Lake, CA