2023 Derby Entries / Winners

All fish measurements are subject to review. Measurements are based on submitted photographic evidence, where the middle or fork of the tail lands on the ruler and if the angler followed the Derby Rules. Please read the rules before submitting your entries. Potential winning entries are subject to a final review by NCGASA reps.

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Adult Division: Based on photographic evidence submitted by the angler.

WINNER: Chase N. (2-24-23) 32 & 5/8 inches

2nd Place: Brian L. (2-11-23) 32 inches

3rd Place: John L. (2-11-23) 31 & 3/8 inches

3rd Place: Richard B. (1-24-23) 31 & 3/8 inches

Jim P. (1-18-23) 30 & 1/4 inches

Travis R. (2-21-23) 30 & 1/8 inches

Darin B. (2-28-23) 30 inches

Ben H. (2-21-23) 29 inches

Kirk Y. (2-17-23) 28 inches

Mike P. (2-5-23) 27 & 5/8 inches

Koby B. (2-18-23) 26 and 1/2 inches

YOUTH Division:

WINNER: Uriah (2-28-23) 13 and 1/8 inches

After you land your fish, please measure and photograph flat on the official ruler with closed mouth up against the left “butt” end. Take the measurement of the fork of the tail on the board. Do not string up your hatchery fish and then measure. Measure your fish in pristine condition directly after catch when it’s at its freshest. You may submit multiple photos or videos as evidence. Measurements will be reviewed by NCGASA reps.

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A hatchery steelhead fishing derby on the Mad River in Blue Lake, CA