Mad River Steelhead Steward Frank Emerson drives up from Salinas to participate in the winter steelhead run on the Mad River every year. The Mad River will start to fish at 8 feet or approximately 1,500 cfs near Arcata. 7.5 to 7 feet is ideal for bait. The Mad is subject to low flow closures at 200 cfs. Call Low Flow Closure hotline: (707) 822-3164 for more info. -Photo by MackGraphics Humboldt

NCGASA’s annual
Mad River Steelhead Derby

This annual steelhead derby was created in 2019 by Nor-Cal Guides & Sportsmen’s Association (NCGASA) Northern Region Reps and North Coast anglers who fish the Mad River in Blue Lake, California every year during the winter steelhead run. Proceeds from the derby benefit the non-profit organization NCGASA.org and the Mad River Steelhead Stewards volunteer angler broodstock collection program in coordination with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Mad River Hatchery.

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(Search for the town of Blue Lake, CA to see satellite view of the Mad River)

A big thank you to our sponsors, partners and donors that make this fishing event possible! If you would like to donate and product to the Derby’s angler prize pool at any point, please reach out to us as we will have raffles on our social media pages. If your company would like to donate, click here.