Fishy Products

When you have a lot of fishing rods and not a lot of room in your house or garage, a rod rack is a must. Check out West Marine’s sale page for the latest deals on racks at For a limited time, some items are 40% OFF.

XtraTuf Boots

SAVE 20% OFF on SALE Styles. Click graphic above for deals and savings.

WiFi for your RV or Trailer – connect your devices to the internet

DEAL: Up to $400 off the Orbi 850 Series WiFi 6 Mesh System with code ‘ORBI850’ at Offer Ends 12/31!. The Orbi 960 Series Router by NetGear with essential all-in-one internet security included for free is this compact device. The 10 Gig WiFi 6E Router has speeds up to 10.8Gbps and coverage up to 3,000 sq. ft. We use a Orbi 4G LTE cellular modem with up to 2.2Gbps that covers up to 2,000 sq. ft., in our trailer when we fish out of our area. It easily connects to our Smart TV and cell phones giving us WiFi in Klamath. The Orbi can connect anywhere as long as it’s within a reasonable distance to a cell phone tower. Great for those remote places ALONG THE RIVER when you are staying in a cabin or in a RV or a trailer. You can connect a Orbi with a second cell phone line to your existing cell phone plan. We use the Orbi’s 2nd line for only three months out of the year so we can have access to WiFi wherever we go. Check with your cell provider for more details on how to hook up.

Polarized Sunglasses for the water

REVO SUNGLASSES – BLUE WATER LENS TECHNOLOGY paired with NASA-based 3-6 layers tech, polarization, diminished glare, and water, sweat and oil repelling coatings. Now available with your glasses prescription. READ about POLARIZED SUNGLASSES and how they work, CLICK HERE.

HURLEY Sales & Deals, CLICK HERE or above for Link to 30% Off Outerwear.

GearLight LED S500 Rechargeable Headlamps (2-pack) can be found on Amazon, Walmart and other online resellers. American LED Technology, 7 Modes, 45-Degree Pivotable Head, Washable and Adjustable Headband, Red Light, Water Resistant and have USB cords in order to recharge the batteries. These work great not only on the river, but in emergencies like earthquakes when the power goes out.

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